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"A monk returns to the monastery one day to find that it has been sacked and its holy relic stolen! The monk takes up his old crossbow for one last hunt."

Black Relic is a dark, atmospheric third-person shooter about a monk who must hunt down the pagan cultists who have stolen the holy relic of his order, which he is sworn to protect. It was created as part of Dread X Collection: The Hunt, which is a collection of 7 spooky shooters by some of the best indie horror developers out there.

The gameplay was inspired by classic third-person shooters, such as Resident Evil 4, with its slower, weighty, intentional approach to combat, rather than the run-and-gun style of some others. Your only weapon is your crossbow, which only gets one shot before you must take the time to reload it. Timing and positioning are key if you want to survive the constant menace of the servants of the old gods.

Check it out on Steam as one of 7 horror shooters in Dread X Collection: The Hunt!


This game has fully rebindable controls and full controller support.

  • Default controls for Mouse & keyboard / Xbox controller
    • Move: WASD / Left Thumbstick
    • Aim: Mouse / Right Thumbstick
    • Run: Left Shift / Left Stick Click
    • Shove: Left Click / Right Trigger
    • Aim crossbow/lantern: Hold Right Click / Left Trigger
    • Shoot crossbow: Left Click / Right Trigger while aiming
    • Interact: E / A
    • Swap weapon: Q / Y
    • Reload crossbow: R / X
    • Pray: Hold F / B
    • Quick turn: Move backwards and Left Shift / Left Stick Click

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Amazing game and you nailed the atmosphere! It was more challenging than i expected it to be too! Great job as always!!


Freaking awesome game, dude! Thanks for all the hard work! Folks, the gameplay below is from a pre-release build. Great collection.