A downloadable Wizard Simulator


"Trapped in an arcane realm by the dark sorcery of the ubiquitous Master, can you learn the correct rituals and incantations needed to escape?"

Hand of Doom is a short game inspired by PC RPGs of the 90's and 2000's. It was created as part of the Dread X Collection, a compilation of horror-themed playable teasers created in 7 days by 10 indie game developers.

Purchase here: Steam Version / Itch Version

$2 of every purchase benefits Doctors Without Borders for Covid-19 relief.


  • W/S: Move forward and back
  • A/D: Turn left and right
  • Mouse: Click on words of power
  • Escape: Pause menu
  • Add words to your incantation, then click "INCANT" to cast.

Learn more about the Dread X Collection: 

Development log


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Had lots of fun figuring this out. Put wizards in your game and I'm so there. "Wizard Simulator", indeed! Great work!


Was a rather short, but fun experience. The 90's first person overlay and design is always a fun style and I do wish there was more of it. I actually do wonder what a full game would include, if there are such plans of course!


This game made me ORT my pants