"A small town crew of beekeepers and scientists band together to protect their quiet Washington community from the Murder Hornet."

The fate of the North American honeybee hangs in the balance.

ATTACK OF THE MURDER HORNETS is a short, retro inspired, pixel horror game based on ATTACK OF THE MURDER HORNETS, a film by Michael Paul Stephenson exclusively on Discovery+.

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- WASD/arrow keys: move character
- SPACE: interact

Game by TorpleDook
Creative director AIRDORF
Produced by James Hendershot and OJO Entertainment

Watch the trailer for the film:

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Updated 23 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorsTorpleDook, Airdorf
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Animals, Creepy, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast, One button


AttackOfTheMurderHornets 21 MB

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my boyfriend's family also has bees too, and he often works at bee-garden on summer

it looks like this

thanks for the game!


Great game, amazing style! MOAR!


damn man, i feel like you've gotten the FAITH style down to a tee now. i'm waiting until the steam release to play part 2 but i'm so much more stoked for it now that i've seen this. i like that playing the actual game makes you feel on edge and disturbed but it doesn't leave you with any gruesome imagery after you've finished. it feels like clean horror if that makes any sense. just boiled down all the way.

Thanks! Funnily enough I feel like I'm better at copying someone else's style than coming up with my own. I'm glad you liked it!


I am even more afraid to go outside now. help.



haha//i kinda swear a lot in this little game..


OMG i loved it! Congrats!


This is great!


I adore your work.


ngl I thought that the bee suit was a dead body at first

i think that's by design. the style gives just enough information to let you think you're scaring yourself.


This game was awesome


This game is amazing, I made a video about it

Bee afraid Du Dum Pssst


really really enjoyed the game, hoped it was longer tho but its understandable.

the retro  style and the simple graphics makes it really nice looking. thanks for making such a game and excuse my shameless promo 

Beware of bees

what a fun game! It was the first game in a 3 random games!


Such a unique take on pixelated horror. I really enjoyed playing attack of the murder hornets. I can't wait to see what you do next torpledook!



one of my family friends was on the news because he is an entomologist and is working on eradicating the  murder hornets in washington lol 


really great game, and it's really smooth


Made a video


sick game. I could not get it at first but now that I played it for the second time wow its good.




Great job guys! 馃憦


What engine did you use to make this?

Very nice art btw

The game was made in unity. And thanks! This was my first time doing pixel art and I think it came out pretty good.


That was great! Brilliant pacing and music. A collection of short games, like an anthology of horror short stories, in this style would be amazing.

Show post...

creepy 2d


I seriously can't enough of this retro style and the audio that goes with it, it worked great for this setting too!  I should go watch the film now right lol


I LOVE THE the retro game its short and fun and very sad i almost feel bad for the bees that died I really enjoyed it :D


I absolutely loved the style of this game. The distorted music and pixel graphics really boosted the ambience Ann's toed everything together. Great work, I really enjoyed playing this! 


very nice game. i love it


I like your game, I download it and play it


I like bees. I like this game. Very nice! #1 on my video.


Protecc them bees, pls :'(

It's so sad when a beekeeper loses a colony with years of experience. 

Oh, and with this game made I think "Faithlike" is officially a genre.



BEE AFRAID made me want to die of cringe XD other than that and some dialogue glitches, it was great.

Neat. Wait 30 minutes, more or less after I had been released and you may watch in HD mode resolution; thanks for the game.

Fun little horror game, though I had issues with the Spacebar/Interact/Use button when wanting to skip dialogue barely ever working (And ranting about it) All I can assume is its a framerate difference perhaps or something else, it was frustrating but otherwise - wish the game was longer. 

Hey thanks for playing! After reading your feedback about the spacebar bug, I dove back into the code and was able to fix the bug! Thanks so much for letting us know about it!


Thanks, Torple! What was the issue if you don't mind me asking, would like to be more informed


Rather than checking for input every frame like it was supposed to be, it was checking at fixed frame intervals after a half second timer, making the input pretty random and frustrating. I was able to dive back in and reconfigure it to be correct and work as intended.

Buona demo...complimenti


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